The primary goal of the Flickertail Woodcarvers is carving education – so what better way to spark peoples’ interest than free patterns?  These files were created by our very own Flickertail members, and are free for you to use.  Print them – carve them – share your carvings online (tag us on Facebook @flickertailwoodcarversnd) – bring them to a meeting or whittle-in!

*Note – this page is still pretty new, so we’re still asking around for fun patterns.  Please be patient while we get some new files up for you!

Prairie Rose Love Spoon
Knife Cover
Evergreen Tree
Wino Dino
Tail-Wagging Dog
Chip Carving Decorations
Whale / Mermaid Tail
Yule Goat
Spiral Icicle
Roman Dolphin
Tyrannosaurus tooth