So what do the Flickertail Woodcarvers do?

Check out this great write-up by member Diane Turck, “Before the Pandemic” for a nice overview.

2020 Leadership:

Eric Gaasland2
Eric Gaasland: President, FaceBook
Becky Barnes: Pres. Elect 2021, Website
Warren Schlecht
Warren Schlecht: Treasurer
Diane Turck2
Diane Turck: Secretary, Newsletter


Doug Smith3
Doug Smith: Membership
Doug Emerson
Doug Emerson: 2018 Featured Carvers, Annual Show
Dale Heglund2
Dale Heglund: Buck Stop Woodcarving Gallery
Bob Pedigo
Bob Pedigo: Annual Show
Tom Turck2
Tom Turck: Newsletter
Vince Bitz
Vince Bitz: Property
Cliff Orgaard
Cliff Orgaard: Librarian
Clara Yonker2
Clara Sherman Yonker: Historian
Becky W 5
Becky Weisgerber: Publicity
Mike Knudson
Mike Knudson: Buck Stop Woodcarving Gallery
Cindy Roth
Cindy Roth: Pinterest

2017 Flickertail Woodcarvers Brochure


Membership Form

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