So what do the Flickertail Woodcarvers do?

Check out this great write-up by member Diane Turck, “Before the Pandemic” for a nice overview.

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2023 Leadership:

Cliff Orgaard smiles at the camera

Cliff Orgaard: President

Cliff taught Agriculture Education for 30 years in schools around North Dakota and Minnesota. He’s always enjoyed woodworking and taught carpentry skills to hundreds of students. Following that, he served as the County Executive Director at various USDA Farm Service Agency county offices around North Dakota for ten years.

After taking the beginner Woodcarving Class from the Flickertail Club in 2016, he was hooked on the hobby. Relief carving, stylized wildlife, and spoons from a variety of woods are some of his favorite projects. Prior to being elected as President of the club, he served as the Librarian for two terms. He and his wife, Marilyn, both retired in 2020 and are able to spend more time with their hobbies.

He attended the annual Wahpeton Woodcarving Conference since 2017 to learn new techniques in carving and pyrography. One of his favorite activities is to teach new carvers during the Beginning Woodcarving Class.

Whether someone is a beginner or an advanced carver, there is always something to learn at our Saturday meetings, the Tuesday Whittle-In’s, and the special Workshops that the club offers. Many friendships develop when people share a table with a fellow Woodcarver.

Becky Barnes: Past President, Website, Mastodon, Instagram

thewoodwyrm (at) gmail.com

Becky is a paleontologist with the North Dakota Geological Survey, working in the basement of the ND Heritage Center and State Museum.  She runs the fossil laboratory where she repairs and restores fossils, wrangles volunteers, illustrates, gives tours, and helps lead the summer public fossil dig program.  She lives with her husband, daughter, and a plethora of cats.

Becky began crafting intarsia (scrollsaw-work) in 2010, and was introduced to the Flickertails in 2017.  She fell in love with carving, and has been collecting tools and ideas since.  While she still creates intarsia, she also enjoys carving critters, dinosaurs, bottle-stoppers, shelf-sitters, comfort creatures, and anything else that strikes her fancy.  She is a big fan of mixed media woodworking. Every class you take, you can learn something new.  One of her side-projects with the Flickertails is continuing the outreach that other members started – assisting with public demonstrations and carving opportunities that help get new people interested in woodworking.

Eric Gaasland looks over his shoulder at the camera

Eric Gaasland: Programs, Facebook

During the weekdays Eric works a Civil Engineer for the State of North Dakota where he writes and reviews specifications. During his free time, he can be found planning adventures to some exotic and not so exotic destinations as well as carving, working on wooden boats, gardening, and destroying or putting something back together on his house.

Eric has been carving off and on since 1994. He has been a member of the Flickertail Woodcarvers since 2015. He has traveled to learn how to carve Dala horses, Cottonwood Bark, and wooden Spoons. Eric wants to be a well-rounded carver and is continuing to work on his chip carving and kolrosing when he is not working on spoons. He is often found bringing humor to a meeting or class by saying or doing something unexpected. He is always open to discuss a whittle bit of carving.

Warren Schlecht holds a freshly carved fish

Warren Schlecht: Treasurer

Warren attended his early years of schooling at Medina Public School in Medina, ND, and went on to graduate at NDSU in Fargo. He taught Vocational Agriculture and FFA for 4 years in Wishek and Medina in the late 1970’s. He was a loan officer and branch manager at the Wishek branch for the Production Credit Association of Mandan in the 1980’s and moved Mandan as an association credit reviewer for the Farm Credit Association of Mandan and worked in that capacity until the mid-1990’s and then assumed a Senior Loan Officer in the Mandan branch with FCS of Mandan. Warren retired from that position in September, 2015.

Warren has been wood carving for about 22 years and have been a member of the Flickertail Woodcarvers club for that time period. He has been the treasurer for the club for approximately 10 years. His passion has been woodcarving because he can create something with his own hands and his own creative thinking–which, at times, is not very creative. He enjoys all types of wood creations including caricature carvings, birds, fish, and chip carving. His interests also are in photography, leatherworking, camping and fishing.

Warren is married to his beautiful wife, Michal, and they have 2 sons and daughter-in-laws and 4 grandchildren who are now active in sports, FFA, and other activities that keep him and his wife on the road trying to watch them in their various activities.

Diane Turck smiles while carving a fish

Diane Turck: Secretary, Newsletter


A tiki carving by Doug Smith

Doug Smith: Membership

Dale Heglund smiles at the camera while wearing a Flickertail Woodcarvers jacket

Dale Heglund: Buck Stop Woodcarving Gallery, Facebook

Bob Pedigo smiles at the camera while wearing a Flickertail Woodcarvers sweatshirt

Bob Pedigo: Annual Show

Tom Turck smiles at the camera

Tom Turck: Newsletter

Todd Engelstad: Librarian

Clara Yonker smiles at the camera

Clara Sherman Yonker: Historian

Becky Weisgerber smiles at the camera while holding a carved rabbit

Becky Weisgerber: Publicity, Property Manager

Mike Knudson smiles at the camera

Mike Knudson: Buck Stop Woodcarving Gallery

I am a retired forester who spent over 30 years planting trees in ND. My dad gave me my first knife when I was 8 years old. He also taught me carpentry. I now work as a volunteer at Buckstop Junction. We can always use more volunteers at Buckstop.

Cindy Roth smiles at the camera, next to a hawk carving

Cindy Roth: Pinterest

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