**Saturday Meetings are always 8:30am, Tuesday Whittle-Ins are always 7:00pm – the above is wonky right now because of the Daylight Savings. It should adjust after Sunday to the correct times listed.

Upcoming Events

Carving events across North Dakota (and maybe a few extra!) – if your club has an upcoming event, please e-mail it to us, and we will include it in our calendar/list.


5: Meeting (Doug Emerson – wood burning)

8: Beginning Carving (Becky Weisgerber – chip carving)

15: Beginning Carving (Cliff Orgaard – flower relief) & Whittle-In

22: Beginning Carving (Doug Smith – cottonwood bark house)

29: Beginning Carving (Vince Bitz – egret)


3: Meeting (Mike Knudson – Snow Snakes part 1)

20: Whittle-In (Mike Knudson – Snow Snakes part 2)


17: Whittle-In (Eileen Heihn – Acorn)

28: Winter Celebration & Session1 of Book Worm carving class