Annual Show

The 2022 Annual Woodcarving Show will be held October 8-9 at the BPS Career Academy.

The 2021 Annual Woodcarving Show was held October 9-10 at the BPS Career Academy. The Master Carver class (Oct 7-10) was Vic Hood, who lead a class through carving a realistic bust of a Mountain man, Indigenous chief, or Cavalry person. Rick Skauge conducted the weekend class. The non-carver for the weekend was Pam Vukelic, working with Zentangle.

The show was open to the public from 12:30-4:30 October 9-10.

Virtual Tables

We may not have been able to have our 2020 show in person, but check out these members have put together a show-and-tell about what you could find at their tables!

Past Years

Photos from the 50th Anniversary 2019 show

Photos from the 2018 show

Photos from the 2017 show

Photos from the 2016 show

Photos from the 2014 show

Photos from the 2012 show

Video from the 1993 show