2021 Annual Show

The 51st Annual Flickertail Woodcarvers Show was held October 9 &10 at the Bismarck Public Schools Career Academy.

Vic Hood – Realistic bust woodcarving class information: Vic’s class was designed to encourage students of all levels. This was not a portraiture class but a subject based, for example, an American Indian, Sea Captain, Mountain Man, etc.. The roughout was in butternut and about half to three quarter size of a human bust. Standard carving knives and gouges were used.

Vic started carving in the early 1990s when he wanted a cigar-store Indian, but didn’t know where to buy one. He decided to make one but was very unsuccessful. He then decided to carve just the top of a cigar-store Indian – a bust. He tried several, and they were also unsuccessful.
Vic took a class with Larry Rogers who taught him more in three days than he learned in a year carving by himself. After the class, Vic went home and carved 75 busts in the next year – more than one bust a week. Then Vic met the late John Burke. John invited Vic to travel with him teaching classes. Vic helped John teach for about five years, and then John invited Vic to become the assistant at John’s workshop. John was the biggest influence on his woodcarving. John’s influence is evident in Vic’s teaching style. Both men are accomplished carvers, but like John, Vic’s primary interest is teaching.

Dick Skauge – Santa face carving class information: The project was carving and painting a Santa face. A very good class to learn/practice carving faces. Dick Skauge started carving over 35 years ago. He wanted to carve and hunt with his own decoys. After Dick carved one decoy, he knew that he did not want to put it into the muddy water. So, he kept carving. About this time, he met a member of the Red River Valley Woodcarving club and received a lot of good advice and learned the correct way to carve wood. Dick started teaching and enjoyed carving many different things. Teaching has helped him learn to be a better carver.

Pam Vukelic – Non-carving Project, Zentangle: During this class the eight basic steps involved in the Zentangle Method were taught. Several different tangles were taught so students ended up with 2-3 completed tiles. All supplies needed were included in the supply kit, as well as supplies to complete a total of 7-8 additional tiles.
The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. These patterns are called tangles. The patterns are drawn on small pieces of paper called “tiles.” As you use the Zentangle Method to create beautiful images, you likely will enjoy increased focus, creativity, self-confidence and an increased sense of well-being.

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