Some Flickertail basics:

The Flickertail Woodcarvers share the passion of woodcarving. Through public shows, displays, and a multitude of outreach methods, the group actively promotes this unique art style. Beginner carving classes are offered to help artists springboard their abilities. Top level artists from the US and other countries are hired to teach high power carving classes in Bismarck. Twice a month Club members gather to carve at Whittle-In sessions.

Upcoming Events:

APRIL Meetings and Whittle-Ins have been cancelled – we want to play it safe – you’re all family, and we don’t want ANYONE getting sick if we can help it.

Rustic Loon carving has also been cancelled – you should be receiving a notice from Doug E. about this, if you signed up.

Stay tuned to e-mail or Facebook for updates.  We hope to have sporadic carving tips and tricks, or livestreams to keep up morale!

Club events are sponsored in part through grants from the North Dakota Council on the Arts and Dakota West Arts Council.