2019 Annual Show

The 50th Annual Flickertail Woodcarvers Show was held October 12 & 13 at the North Dakota Heritage Center, which is located on the State Capital Ground.

Jay Haavik – Nordic style carving class information:  Jay taught the intricacies of carving a Nordic style relief carving (see figure below).  The cutout was out of mahogany and was included in the cost of the class.  The projects will be approximately 24” x 18”, with deep relief carving primarily using long handle tools.  This carving class was designed for intermediate to experienced students.  Carvers were expected to understand grain direction, familiarity with using gouges and knives, and sharpening.

Karen Henderson – Useable Spoons Carving class information:  Students carved usable eating/serving spoons from various hardwoods.  Buckthorn, maple, apple, lilac, and other woods were available.  All hardwoods have a beautiful grain and unique color.

Terri Stegmiller – Wild and Wacky Painting Party:  Participants gathered around a large piece of cloth and everyone painted on the cloth until fully covered with color.  No painting experience was necessary.  Instructor prompts helped lead the group to create a fun and colorful masterpiece.  At the end of the class the cloth was cut into equal pieces and each participant took a piece home.

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Pre-show potluck – a light turnout due to a freak blizzard:

The show:

Saturday banquet: