2017 Christmas Party

The evening started with cheerful chatting, and moved to a wonderful spread of pot-luck food brought by the attending members.  Some holiday brain teasers were puzzled over, and team-drafted stories on how a woodcarving elf saved Christmas were laughed over.  Top it all off with a carving exchange!

Carving Elves that saved Christmas…

Team 1:  Casper Saves the Sleigh

All the elves and Santa were having a Christmas party and Santa drank too much glug.  He fell into the sleigh and broke a runner.  While Santa was incapacitated, the elves argued over how to repair the runner.  Ralph wanted to use a candy cane.  Ole wanted to use an icicle.  Sandy suggested wood wheels from the toys.  Lastly Buddy shouted over all the voices, “Call Casper the carver!  He can carve a new runner PDQ!!”

A cheer arose from the crowd.  Casper was summoned and appeared in a poof of cedar dust.  “I shall carve a strong runner and save Christmas!”  He whipped out his tools and went to work.  Shavings were flying all over the room.  As soon as you could blink he was done.  “Just a signature and we’ll affix it.”

And that’s how Christmas was salvaged from ruined runners.

Team 2:  Forrest Frost the Elf

Forrest Frost became a woodcarver because he was tired of all the inferior quality toys being sold for Christmas.  He was a “knotty” elf, so he pursued an apprenticeship in carving trees and animals the same size as him.

He had a natural knack for carving, so Santa asked Forrest to carve toys for Christmas when the North Pole elves couldn’t keep up.  Forrest was an entrepreneur, and cornered the market on high quality wooden toys.

When Forrest ran out of wood, he became a soap carver.  He isn’t a “knotty” elf any more.

Team 3: Helga the Elf Saves Christmas

“Oh dear,” said Santa, “oh my, that hurts”.

“What is the matter, dear?” said Mrs. Claus.

“My teeth!” said Santa.  “They hurt so bad.”

“Oh dear,” said Mrs. Claus.  “I’m afraid they’ll have to come out.”

Santa hitched up the reindeer and made a fast emergency trip to the closest dentist, in Fairbanks, Alaska, then zipped back to the North Pole to finish making toys.

On Christmas Eve, Santa was checking his lists to make sure he had a toy for everybody, when suddenly he realized: “Oh no, those cookies!  How can I eat those cookies?  Those kids will be soooo disappointed.”

Out in the workshop, all the elves heard Santa’s cry.

“We’ve got to do something!” said Helga.  “I know!  I’ll carve him some wooden teeth!”

So Helga put down the doll head she was carving and picked up a fresh piece of wood.  She cut two “U” shaped pieces.  How the chips flew!  She carved grooves on one side to fit Santa’s jaw and tried them for fit.

“Close enough!” said Santa and off he flew, to bring joy to children world wide.

Team 4:  Ingrid the Elf and the Night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
The shelves were all lined with wood carvings of grouse
And Ingrid the elf sat in her chair
With wood shavings piled as deep as her hair.
And up from the roof arose such a clatter
She brushed off the sawdust to see what was the matter.
To her surprise a fat woodcarver appeared
With sanding dust coating his long snowy beard
“Ingrid,” he called, “I need your help, please!”
“I’m all out of toys.  I’m down on my knees.”
“My knives are all broken, my gauges are dull.”
“I won’t have enough toys for the children at all.”
Ingrid said, “Santa, don’t worry, don’t fear,”
“I’ve got enough carvings for everyone right here.”

Santa loaded his bag and flew into the night.
“Ingrid you’re awesome.  I can keep this one, right?